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  • Baller

Stoked to finally see the project come to life.

From founding the company that has pushed the industry forward for decades to starting the International Water Ski Tour, not only did he change the towboat industry, he forever changed the sport of waterskiing and as a result impacted the lives of countless individuals.

He is our founder, our inspiration, and our legacy - for that we are forever grateful.

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  • Baller_

I had the opportunity to stop in to his little shop in Deltona and chat about (at the time) his new project, the Infinity and take a ride behind one.  As an engineerng nerd it was a fun conversation as that boat incorporated a lot of innovative ideas.  Skiing it was fun and as I recall, spotter was one CP.  I really appreciated the time he took to basically 'entertain' some guy off the street and get a chance to sample the product.  Industry is lucky to have so many down to earth people.  Cool video.

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