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2008 Junior US Open Website is Up


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The link is www.jrusopen08.com, the tournament will be at the Voice of America Park Lake, West Chester, Ohio on June 21 - 22. Visit the web site for all details.

I've posted this to draw attention to the tournament for a couple of reasons; 1) anyone who doubts the future viability of our sport needs to check out the young talent that will be there - proof positive that this sport is definitely NOT dying IMO. And, 2) (shamless self promotion here...) My company, EZ-Slalom Course Systems, has partnered with the Lottawatta Skiers Ski Club, the production group for the tournament, by providing all slalom and jump couse materials (except the ramp of course - we don't do ramps...) and other considerations.

The tournament is sanctioned as a record capable tournament by IWSF. We're flattered and delighted to have been selected by the production group to provide the slalom and jump courses for the tournament and we're looking forward to it. My wife and I will be definitely be in attendance. Hope to see some of you there and get the opportunity to meet you in person.

Ed Obermeier, owner

EZ-Slalom Course Systems

800-216-4461 toll free


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