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Smooth turns

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Currently skiing -15/32mph...'67 MPD. 

From time to time, my ski seems to be a little squirrely through the turn. 

Several times this weekend I thought I was going to complete the pass and bump up to the next speed...sailing along just fine - smooth and easy...when my ski does something unexpected - I've described it as a "wiggle" - through the turn.

Is it just technique?  If so, what could that be attributed to?

Is it a fin setting issue?  Maybe I need to check to make sure I'm running stock.  I don't typically mess with my fin (running straight from the box), but I want to make sure.

Thanks in advance!


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  • Baller

Hi, the other day I was skiing 22 off 34mph on my MPD and I was struggling, and I can get into 35 off usually. I've noticed this ski responds incredibly well to technique. I couldn't get wide, and my turns were suffering from that bigtime, it wasn't even fun.

 Then my good friend and accomplished skier pointed something out...he said to make my edge change BEFORE I release the handle to turn. Now we all know there are a million ways to describe one thing in slalom just like golf, but this simple concept really worked for me, and this ski responded to it incredibly well.

In my own words...get into a solid pull position thru the wake, be very sure to maintain this position thru the second wake, then change edges while the upper body maintains the strong pull position, then reach to the boat and turn. It felt weird at first, but I was getting so much more carry out to the buoy, this little change made every pass so easy. Good luck.

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