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Pro Tour Web Cast Message from Freddy Krueger


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Hey guys,


This weekend the Pro Tour event in Alabama is going to be web cast again by Tom Grey and his crew.  I don't know if any of you caught the web cast last weekend, but it was unreal!!  Seriously it was some of the best coverage I've seen in the last ten years, including the shows we used to have on ESPN.  I was at the site and chose to watch the tournament on the TV because of the instant replays and interviews! The coverage, as a whole, was 10 times more professional than I thought it could be and these guys are doing live editing with killer instant replays, interviews, camera angles, the whole bit.  This past weekend they tried an experiment... pay per view.  They did get some interest, but not enough people knew about the event being web cast to really show what we can do.  I know free is always better, but the reality is to get the tour off the ground and running we need this type of coverage and these guys have thousands upon thousands of dollars of gear that they are hauling to and from events in an effort to grow the sport.  If we can get more people to know the event is happening and more people to tune in on sunday we can keep this type of professionalism and have a chance at reaching and signing non-industry sponsors and really getting some momentum going for professional water skiing.


When you tune into the pay per view webcast (on sunday only, saturday is free) you pay with a paypal account, which anyone who has done internet purchasing knows that paypal is the safest most secure way to do an online transaction.  I'm asking that all of you pass this information on to everyone you know that is interested in slalom, jump, water skiing, or even if they just owe you a favor!!! The cost to watch the web cast all day will be less than a couple of gallons of gas!  You won't be able to drive down the street and pay for parking cheaper than you can tune in and catch all the finals action on sunday.


The link to the web cast is: http://www.webcast-tv.com/


Please pass this information on, and lets show the organizers, industry and athletes that professional water skiing can succeed in this new digital era.


Thanks so much,


Freddy Krueger

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June 25, 2008

For Immediate Release


Tadd Schreiber

H2O Ski Events



MasterCraft Pro Water Ski Tour

Stop #4

Tuscaloosa, AL

Lymanland, Tuscaloosa, Alabama - June 27-29,2008.


The MasterCraft Pro Water Ski Tour is coming to Alabama.  Pro Women and Pro Men Slalom and Pro Men Jump will take center stage this coming weekend in the heart of the South.

Coming off her first ever Pro victory last weekend in Michigan , Karina Nowlan will try to make it 2 for 2 on the week of her birthday.  Can she hold her own once again against the likes of Emma Sheers, Karen Truelove, and April Coble-Eller?  Will Asher will try to back up his Pro Tour Victory in Michigan with a follow up performance in Alabama.  Will Jamie Beauchesne, the H2Osmosis Pro Swerve victor, come back and take down the British Phenom?  Freddy Krueger will try to continue his dominance and take home the Pro Tour Title in Alabama.  Will his arch rival Jaret Llewelyn have anything to say about that?  Will Ryan Fitts come back from his horrific crash at the LA NightJam (MC Pro Tour Stop #2) in Louisiana just 2 weeks ago to take his first MC Pro Tour Title?


All of these questions will be answered this weekend at Lymanland, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Lymanland is known worldwide as one of the premier water ski sites around.  There is a definite possibility of a world record going down.


Your not from Alabama?  You cannot make it onsite to watch all of the action?  No problem.  Thanks to the efforts of proskiers.com and webcast-tv.com you can watch all of this excitement from your own home on your very own computer.  Thats right, we will be webcasting the event all over the world via www.webcast-tv.com.  


Crystal Clear video, athlete interviews and commentary, slow motion replays with complete analysis of what is going on on the water, real time interactive email, and with Tadd Schreiber of H2Osmosis, guiding you through the weekend, webcast-tv.com is the total package!  


Saturday will be a free webcast to bring you all the excitement you can handle.  Sunday will be a pay2view webcast ($5.99) with all the action from the finals for Slalom and Jump.  As well, we will be giving away tons of prizes from allof your favorite water sports manufacturers, H2Osmosis, Mastercraft, and much much more.  


The only way to win is to tune in!


The Pro Tour via webcast is the way of the future and with your support, Pro Water Skiing will lead Action Sports into the future.


Watch these skiers sacrifice their bodies on the slalom course, fly through the air over 220 ft. off the ramp and much much more.


This will be a show you do not want to miss.

Be sure to check it out, www.webcast-tv.com, June 28-29, 2008.  Ski you there!





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So, part of this message is to grow the sport. Well, I am a former Open division skier trying to get into Panther Lake Ski Club in North Carolina and there are no open memberships available. Many years back, I did my part getting people into the sport. Now, I try to get in a club to ski and they are all closed to more members. And yet, these guys want to grow the sport? I understand Freddy bought the Sanford Lake in Sanford, North Carolina. This would be a great way to grow the sport. Get some members in the ski club at Sanford. How much would it cost me to ski over there?
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