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Big Dawg running order

Old MS Accout

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money is on Leach. If it is windy, one of the texas boys will take it.  

37 Smith  Jeff
36 Austin  Marc
35 Thompson Scott
34 Treat  Sandy
33 Vance  Todd
32 Shealy  John
31 Donatt  Paul
30 Ware  Steve
29 Dodd  Bruce
28 Contos  Kim
27 Thompson Mike
26 Nate  Jeff
25 Clark  Chris
24 Needham  Mark
23 Janzig  Darren
22 Brandt  Mark
21 Baldwin  Mike
20 Drozd  Dean
19 Beaman  Don
18 Johnson  Todd
17 Dehlinger Mike
16 Kepchia  Jeff
15 LaPoint  Kris
14 Tate  Kyle
13 Binkley  Steve
12 Scott  Chad
11 Goodson  Jerry
10 Badal  Greg
9 Neill  Clay
8 Raley  Chet
7 Danos  Jeff
6 Leach  Jay
5 Tynan  Scott
4 Miller  David
3 Schaefer Conrad
2 Morgan  Mike
1 Favret  Ben

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  • Baller

I don't have a prob w/yingalings although a friend from PA says it's coal mine runoff. Anyway, they work for me. Mesaba has a flight from Memphis to Muscle Shoals, AL. That's only 50 min from A41. Might want to check it if you get a hankering to come back. The reason I know this is because your boys almost landed their plane on top of me when I was working on the runway there. When they got stopped and opened the door a bunch of empty green bottles fell out.

It was 85 deg here today. Perfectly awesome skiing weather.


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Thats good for my company when the Yinglings are rolling out the door.  BNA is Non stop out of here which is great for checking that ski. We do HSV out of MEM if things look good. I am going to Ski Watch this weekend to ski at Harbers tourney. Lats one of the season. 42f this morning with lots of steam going off the lake. Dry suits are on next week. 
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