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Ski that will let me ski the widest


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bad news - Coeur D' Alene tribe won't let me set a course anymore on 20 miles of pristine river

good news- Still have 20 miles of pristine river to ski on

Looking for the ski that will cast me out the widest at 28 and 32 off 36mph with minimal effert. How high on the boat can I get with fast smooth turns. I'm on a black Sixam. I'm thinking of RS1 or Elite.  I really don't care about the cost I've already sunk money into the boat and property. I will probably be on the ski for 5 years. Sorry this isn't about bouys.  Would buy used if available.

175 -180 lbs. 32 off skier

My technique is to hold on with both hands until I have to let go at the apex of the turn. Its the only thought process that seems to help me in the course.

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