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I rode a 67" last year. Those numbers are close to what I used. I think I was a bit farther back at 0.775. You are deep and do not have a lot of tip in relation to what most guys are running. Given that you aren't doing anything to cause the issue (in my case it is usually operator error more than fin) I would try a bit less tip.

 Horton and Skidawg may be able to give you more info. Good luck.

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What speed are u riding at?


If 36. The try pulling out about 20/1000 in tip. SHould free up the tip off the second wake, carrying your speed outbound further before initiating the turn. But still have adequate tip pressure at the apex because you will be taking a longer path to the ball and moving slower at the turn, alowing the ski to settle in, engage the egdes and turn and get moving. The other option would be to add depth 2.525, but i think you will start to notice your edge change happening later then desired. And would have to make a few more moves in addition.


Right now I am on a 67" elite at 36 and set up at .80, 6.725, 2.535 8deg. Ive been all over the place on this ski with fin #s, but for my style and aggression, this setup is feeling great. The ther guys I ski with are running stock numbers closer to where your at (on the elite) at 36.


If at 34, I would go with moving fin back to .760, (create more surface area behind feet to carry speed), shallower fin 2.500(maybe even 2.495) and lenght 6.820 to 6.830 With the fin further back, it will trim the ski to a more level attitude off second wake and through turn. Need to reduce length so what the more level attitude from the dft adjstment doesnt put too much pressure on the tip and cause a narrow path or over turning at the ball. In addition to this move, You will also need to go with a shallower fin to allow the ski to roll up and change edges faster and allow for adequte slip. Since fin is further back, the leverage it has against your body is greater, so need to make sure the size of the fin is reduced to keep things balanced out.


Dont be affraid to make more then 1 adjustment at a time. You want the ski to feel different/act different so make some changes. You can always go back to where you were.

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