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joke i play on this woman......


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So I get introduced to this very educated, classy woman recently. Stop it right now and don't even say "What the hell would an educated, classy woman be doing with you?!?! That goes without saying. So, she gave me her number and I told her then "I probably won't write this on any truck stop bathroom walls. But don't worry....if I do, I'll make sure to write it wayyy up high so the short guys can't see it."


Obviously, her mistake was in thinking that I was joking.


So a week or so goes by and I have my buddy Tony, who lives 500 miles away, call her cell phone last night and when he gets her voice mail says in a redneck voice..............


"Yeah, this is Stinky. I got your number off o this bathroom wall in this here truck stop out on I10. I'll be damn, I had to stand on top of the pisser to see it! It says you're a lot of fun, so I was thinking you and I could get together tonight. My truck aint so easy to get around in, so you should probably come here to the truck stop. I gots a tv, bed and everything in my cab. You can call me back or just come on out and knock on my door. I'm in the red Kenworth and Stinky's written on the doors. You caint miss it. "


Oh my gawd, you would have thought I had kicked her dog!!! She left a voice mail calling me everything but a MF'er. Oh wait, I think she called me that too! hahahahaha

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