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A bike for sale - for a good cause.


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Need help from Ballers,

My friend and fellow mountain bike racer Jeremy is co-owner of Revolution Mobile Bike Services. He took his thumb off in an accident. It has put him out of work for the next few weeks. Unfortunately Jeremy has no medical insurance. He plays a huge part in keeping Kim (my wife and fellow skier) and myself rolling on mtb terrain in winter. This keeps us in shape to rip it up on the water 7-8 months out of the year. I am trying to sell my Vassago Jaberwaky single speed mountain bike (size large) to raise money to help with his expenses. It is a steel frame bike, stylo cranks, 32-18 (or 16) gearing, easton EC70 carbon bars, ritchey stem, bontrager seat post. It is a balling ride. I have two wheel options (WTB all mountain w specialized pro tires) for $600 or (Stans Arch wheelset with racing ralph tires) for $1200. All proceeds go to help Jeremy till he gets back on his feet. Please email me directly for more information: skidawg5@aol.com or pay pal him a donation directly to:Ms.revolution@yahoo.com

I would hope someone is in need of a great mountain bike for a great cause. Please someone step up.
Ward McLain

Nasty picture of the thumb

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Drop a dime in the can


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