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allegiant air and skis


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Well, I check it. I doubt it will pass as a carry on. I use a Masterline one event bag with a Fin Ferkin fin protector.. I pack all my ski gear in the same bag as the ski, which provides a little more cushioning, at least on three sides, and the bottom is pretty heavily padded. The bag has wheels, so it is easy to carry. Depending on the car you rent, you may have to unload your gear before loading in the rental. Nevertheless, if you plan on traveling with a ski, it is well worth the relatively small investment compared to what you may have invested in your ski and in your vacation.


I would not recommend using the box the ski came in. I provides minimal protection when in good condition and less once it gets crushed or wet. You are probably better off with the ski in a padded ski bag, with rolled newspaper duct taped around your fin for protection. A friend of mine travels that way, and while I wouldn't do it myself, he hasn't had any problems.


If you are set on using the box, consider shipping your ski ahead via UPS. They are a cargo shipper and will do a much better job getting your ski to it's destination undamaged. Plus you can insure it.


Where are you from and where are you headed?


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Thanks for the insight, I will start looking for a decent travel bag of some sort. I'm in the Knoxville tn area, and will be headed to st. pete fla. The family likes the beaches there, and McCormick's is just a 30 minute drive. It will be nice to break up the winter bleh's.
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