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The Best Waterski Tournament I have skied in for a while...


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I just competed in the best waterski tournament I have skied in for a long time. I skied in two sites in Chile, Chicureo and Chacabuco (One site on Saturday and one on Sunday). Sure, I have skied in competitions with more fans, more crowd, etc., but never with any better people than the very welcoming Chileans as well as the skiers from other countries. There were participants from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Miami-FL, Canada, and even Greece. The best part of it all was that even with this many different countries represented, I felt like I walked into someone's family ski day. Even better still, my daughter (who barely speaks spanish at all...and my Spanish is pretty bad) and I were received like family. This is what waterskiing is all about. Everyone speaks of growing the sport, and I agree it is great to promote the sport to people who have yet to experience it, but the fact is there is a great waterski family already out there. Embrace it first, then grow the sport! Thanks to all of the people responsible for the events in Chicureo and Chacabuco for accepting me and making a great weekend for everyone!


-Seth Stisher


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