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Woh! Baselines!


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Wow! tool my boys out for the afternoon...


Bit of background, they're 11 & 15. Robbie's PB is 4 @ 36.

Started him with a 15 off 32mph; & the boats into the gates at 30. Ball 2 it started to

catch up & ran him up to 38 before the end of the course. (he got 5). 2nd run much the same.


Re ran a few base lines & here's the changes.


30mph 2490 up to 2635 rpm

32mph 2670 up to 2810 rpm

34mph 2890 up to 3050 rpm


Times were spot on with the new baseline, but difference was amazing.


Boat has sat in the lake unmoved for 10 days & had build up slime etc on the hull.

Big difference in rpm though, at about 150 revs. That's close to an additional 5%.


Guess that means when we head back out later this week (hopefully with a Z-Box

we will be giving the hull a bit up a rub down with some shade cloth

to remove some growth.


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