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Z=Box & Baselines.


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Any in how baselines are set with Z-Box?

Anyone seen a manual for download yet?


Incidentally, how do baselines work with Zero Off?

Remember reading something in their patent document a few years back that deatailed a

bit about how they were internally calculated, & stored in a table & revised on an ongoing

basis. Is that how it works in that sense?





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Yeah I know there are no User set baselines.

But... reading the patent document it seems like the system uses

a rpm vs speed look-up table that is constantly updated to maintain

most accurate values.



From the Patent document:-

The following table is an example of the velocity vs. engine speed adaptive table as it might be initialized from the factory. This table is a simple linear table which starts at zero velocity and extends to the maximum velocity of the boat (60 kph) at which the maximum engine speed rating (6000 rpm) is also reached:


TABLE-US-00001 v.sub.d (kph) .omega..sub.adapt (rpm) 0 0 10 1000 20 2000 30 3000 40 4000 50 5000 60 6000


The following is an example of the velocity vs. engine speed adaptive after the boat has been driven for a period of time:


TABLE-US-00002 v.sub.d (kph) .omega..sub.adapt (rpm) 0 0 10 1080 20 1810 30 2752 40 3810 50 5000 60 6000


The patent has some interested reading for those who can handle a bit of propeller head stuff.


Found here:-




Would be nice if Perfect Pass added an "Auto update Baselines" feature.


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