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Contacting Zero Off?


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Over the last 2 weeks I have been sending emails (6) and ringing (3) zero off trying to get an order form emailed to me so that I can buy some stuff. Unfortunately I have not had an response from zero off. I'm wondering if anyone may have some information on why I haven't heard back from them. Are they closed this time of year? Are they away?

I live in Australia and yes the water is warm so I'm desperate to get back on the water with Zero off.



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I recently purchased a new ZO unit for my 05 196 and contacted this guy. ZO sold their distribution to FW Murphy. Send email and leave messages. Took a couple of days to get a reply. Good Luck.



Billy Aldridge

FW Murphy

Marine OEM Sales Manager


(918) 317-4376


(405) 880-6200


(918) 317-4266








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