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I stopped by the Dallas Boat Show today to snoop around. It was the same basic boat show I remembered from a few years ago. The show (like most I'm sure) is a general mix of bass boats, ski boats, cruisers, pontoons, you name it with all the 'accessory' booths there as well from fishing lures to lake side property for sale.


Some things were different however. There was every possible flavor/size/option displayed on (at least!) 50 wakeboard boats but one - ONLY one - 3 event boat on display! Kudo's to Malibu for having Response TXi on display and kudo's to Waterski America for having a very knowledgable staff onsite able to explain the new changes and new features very well! Ironically, they were the only place I was able to find a rack of slalom skis to look at too. Pretty much tells you where the market is today at least in north Texas!


On a positive note, of the 5 or 6 various dealers I talked to (ranging from 40' cruisers to bass boats) all of them indicated the show was "very good" and they sold more boats than anticipated.

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