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Prophecy 2012 67" Setup


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6.865(tips)/2.516/.770(flat) out of the box.


Reflex FB 29.25/Strada RB 17


Set 1: Good angle/direction off 2nd wake, a tad “slow”, over turning a bit out of heelside, 1 tail blow-out toeside.


Set2: Reflex FB back 1 hole (~29.0625”) much improved vs. just acclimation.


Like the way it rolls on edge out of the turn, keeps on moving, and gains angle.


@Horton #'s noted in review (6.860/2.495/.770)


Not inclined to change the fin setup frequently considering the block & at present good performance for debut.

Nonetheless, it’s a lot of fin though, so inquiring for additional setup #’s from those finding success on this ride.




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