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Reflex front and soft boot rear

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The relative risk is a Reflex FB release & a backfoot RB in scenario which may, e.g., occur after striking a turn ball. This being more likely with a conventional high-wrap.


The rear Wiley, however, imo is a good choice in conjunction with a Reflex FB. The Wiley wrap can be adjusted to allow easy foot release, actually out of the box it allows predictable releases.


Currently using a Strada RB laced moderately with a Reflex FB, having the tension release at upper limits; only a couple of nasty spills, but the releases have been rear, then Reflex. A few buoy strikes; both feet in.


Whatever the choice, be reasonably confident it won’t result in a rear in/front out situation.


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I was in double radar boots, vectors or primes, I didn't like the r-style at first but after a little time I really got to loving them. I had to do a double boot at first. Because, I would always blow my heal out of the rtp during the turn; however, I would like to give the rtp another shot.
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I would consider the r-style to be somewhere in between a rtp and a boot. in the beginning I had to add an extra bungee at the top of the shell to make my foot feel more secure, but have since removed it and have began to enjoy a little less secure rear boot
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