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Big thanks to Sully and BOS!


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Thanks to this site I got the chance to meet and ski with a fellow "baller" today.



Thank you for allowing a noob in progress to join you today. Mint Lake is a very beautiful setting and I suggestion is that anybody who gets a chance to should make the trip out there. It is people like Sully that make me love our sport and skiing community. Thanks again and I hope that I get a chance to ski with you in the future.

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  • Baller_

Any time @MS any time. I'll be on MN in June for my nephews graduation and most likely again around the 4th of July. I think your only about 45mn away from the mighty city of Cannon Falls.


I'll also add to this thread...... do not play poker with @Sully. How he managed to keep a positive upbeat look on his face when he came out to ski (FL) is beyond me. All that time and effort only to show up at a fellow Baller's site with a dead boat that worked the day before. He hung out for a while and had a few laughs but he had to have been disappointed. Never showed it though. Electrical boat issue salved (STUPID KILL SWITCH!!!). Come back any time.

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Hey Brad,

My pleasure, your welcome anytime and don't be a stanger. Next time bring your family and plan on hanging out for a weekend. Tell your daughter there is a free pony ride in it for her too!


Mateo, I forgot who it was that sent that fin block assembly to me. I owe you BIG time! Give me a ring if your up in the Pacific Northwest and lets hit the lake. I'm planning on making it Diablo this summer, will you be there?


Wish, I felt sorry for you man. What a bummer but I'm glad we could meet. After our vacation there this last January I can tell you I plan on making many more trips to the Orlando area for a little winter get away.


Now I just need to fix my darn back so I can get back to skiing again.



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