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The Ski-Doc Workstation


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After seeing a post earlier today with one of these in the photos I did what I do best, a bit of searching. I came up with this.



First off I want to say wow what a great product! Exactly what every fin tweaker needs. I think it would be even better if the bottom had a drawer that could hold, screw drivers, angle gauges, calipers, ect. Made in USA makes it even better. At $179+$15 shipping it is a little steep in my opinion for a work bench...


Here is the info


The Ski-Doc is the perfect tool for working on your slalom ski. The

workstation holds the ski in any position needed to make adjustments

without the risk of dropping or damaging the ski. The Ski-Doc is

constructed from a material that will not scratch your ski. A tray is

conveniently located on the workstation for screws, tools or other

parts needed while working on the ski.


You can buy it from Miami Ski Nautique, Performance Ski and Surf, Travers ski school or on the company's website http://theskidoc.com


Made in Florida

See it in use at:

Palm Beach Training Center / Chet Raley

Jack Travers Ski School

Matt Rini - O.C. Waterski Club

The Wilson Bros.


Will Asher, Boris Laval, Jon Travers, Chet Raley use it. It was used at Skierpalooza 543297_2118526699444_1734083341_1127941_1945624917_n.jpg


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You can build a ski-tuning bench that works with a couple of logs and a chainsaw too. I don't mind paying a guy for his R&D on a slick product that works well and adds a little bling to my passion.
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Unfortunately anyone who is a big tweaker is probably a DIY/tinkerer guy who like the challange of building their own master piece, just because. I think it is a nice item. I still use the tail gait of my truck or the boat's swim platform.
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