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Best way to write on ski temporarily?


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No matter how hard I try to remember certain things I need to work on, it's amazing how quickly I forget once I get in the water and let sets fly by. I've tried writing things down in various places but still seem to lose track of what I need to work on. So, I want to write it on my ski so it's right in my face when I'm doing a deep water start.


I haven't tried anything yet, but anyone have experience on what will stay on the ski but still be removable? I thought about custom stickers but seems pricy when I'll need to be changing them. Pencil I'm not sure would show up. My ski is a 2010 strada so it's not black nor has a shiny finish. Sharpe has a liquid pencil I might try, or maybe some dry erase/wet erase makers would do the trick. Just wondering if anybody's already tried and found something that works.

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  • Baller_

Saw a guy use a label maker. Very easy to read. Sticks well, looks good and pulls off when needed.




I also use a pencil to write numbers directly on the ski (not the bottom) or fin itself when testing and changing settings. It erases normally and does not come off in the water ever (close to it anyway)

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