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BallOfScores is a volunteer deal. If no one steps up and tweets we don't get scores. We try to organize as much as we can but I have a real job (plus BOS) and @MattP is a full time student. We do as much as we can.

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Drop a dime in the can


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Hey guys. Sorry I have been off my game this week. I am a RA in a freshman dorm and its move in/event week plus I just finished up 2weeks of training. So just a little burnt out tired and busy. I'll see what I can line up. I usually have my contributors lines up for a week but just been busy. I will for sure have the scores in the Archive as soon as I can.
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@Smitty Calgary Pro Water Ski Shoot-Out Results (from memory so I hope it's accurate:


Men's Slalom Shoot-Out:

1st - Nate Smith - 2@41

2nd - Terry Winter - 5@39

3rd - Chris Parrish - 1.5@39


Women's Slalom Shoot-Out:

1st - Karen Truelove 5@38

2nd - Whitney McClintock 4.5@38

3rd - Karina Nowlan (missed 6 ball in the -35 opener)


Men's Jump Shootout:

1st - Ryan Dodd - 220

2nd - Freddie Krueger - 219

3rd - Rodrigo Miranda - 189


Ryan's second to last jump was approximately 228, but the measuring equipment missed it and the backup failed, so he had to rejump. That's when he nailed the 220 to the wild cheers of the mostly Canadian crowd. It was a brilliant day with glorious weather, a capacity crowd, and awesome skiing.



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