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Sixam 2 to ????


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My wife's ski is chipped and Scarred. So anyway who has gone from a sixam to another ski and liked it?


She is has run 22 off at 34.

She loves this ski, but unfortuantely most of the sixams out there are probably in just as used shape as hers.

And I hate to spend money for the same used ski.

Anyone who has switched and has advice Thanks so much.



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@Horton -- same question! My wife skied the course then quit. She is now skiing it again. Technically very sound skier from all of her open water work where I coach her just like I would in the course. She is about 120lbs, 5'2" and is skiing my son's old Sixam 2 point (65 inches long and in great shape -- @ToddF -- if we get her something new and it fits your wife we could sell it). She is just starting back in at 28mph 15 off, but should be up to 30 and 32 relatively soon. 32 will soon be her max speed. Leave her on the 2 point or put her on something new? She seems to want something new maybe more than needs something new, btw. Her birthday is in a week, so this might be good for the marriage! What size? What ski?
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