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Women's Big Dawg


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  • Baller
Well, it might be that the so-called pro division skis at the same speed as all women from age 14 through 52 and can compete against each other in that format, whereas the men only ski at the same speed as the "pros" from 14 through 34.
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  • Baller_

Also their just are not that many of them to warrant a full on series.


Would like to see some sort of reunion style format and maybe a couple of events tied into Something like the Malibu and or a big dawg stop. get some $$$$ out their maybe Susi,Deena,Kristy and Camille and others might come for a few rds of swerve!

Jennifer Lapoint would be all over it, she skied open women's at this years nationals. Another that is skiing rather well is Brenda Baldwin.


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