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BullsEye Boat Sights to be used at "Ski with the Legends Clinic" boats


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The Ski with the Legends event is coming October 20 in Polk City, Florida. It is an annual event hosted by AWSEF to give skiers the chance to spend a day receiving on and off water training at Lake Grew. BullsEye Boat Sights will be mounted on the towboats for everyone to experience how they can help provide consistenly low deviation boat paths. The future is going to demand less deviation until we arrive at a potential "auto steer" or at least that is the direction now that speed control is a done deal. In the meantime this means more pressure on drivers to produce a lower deviation path so we all get the same consistent pull. Bullseye Boat Sight can help drivers. It works or your money back! bullseyeboatsight.com
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