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You need a few more poll options.

D: Is the mini worth 50?

E: Should I spend the extra 20$?


I think waterskiing lacks the "double blind" comparison tests. Where a skier is put on a set up, with his ski, his bindings, his configuration, his wing angle etc. and a third party applies a modification - wing/fin/binding etc. just one. Then a coach records performance across x sets, and no one peaks or measures wing angles/fin etc. except the third party who sets the stuff up.


Then we'd know if these bits do anything. Remember such things as the pressure relief flap on the fin? Or slot fins, mini fins, carbon fins etc.


Unless a mfg double blinds or does real long term comparisons, where other variables (water temp, competition etc.) are controlled - how can you really directly know?


Hardshells for instance - anyone compare the effects of hardboots directly to strap tension? DO you have a marked ratchet for how tight you run? Do you flex your ankles and tighten the ankle in then do the others? Do you track that to your set performance?

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