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2012 NCWSA Nationals


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So far, 5 teams have qualified for the 2012 NCWSA Nationals, to be held at TriLakes (Bennett's Ski School) on October 18-20.


From the Midwest, the Eagles from Wisconsin-LaCrosse has clinched the first automatic Div.1 spot. The other teams from this region who await their placement in either Div.1 or Div.2 are Purdue, Miami of Ohio, Kansas and Cincinnati.


Up to two more teams could make it to the big dance via the Wildcard Selection, and the teams in the frame are Iowa State, Grand Valley State and Michigan.


For those wondering how the team will qualify after the rule change this year, here's a brief explanation:


"The winner of each Regional Tournament qualifies automatically to the Div.1 National Tournament. Wisconsin-Lacrosse has done so from the Midwest, with the other Regions' teams being determined from their championships this coming weekend (October 6-7). Count 4 teams thus far.


To determine the two wildcard teams, a simulated tournament between the 6th, 7th and 8th place teams from each region takes place - top two advance. Iowa State, Grand Valley State and Michigan are in this mix from the Midwest, with others to be determined. Check two more teams.


With the 16 teams (4 from each region) that qualified below the champions (The Midwest will send Purdue, Miami of Ohio, Kansas and Cincinnati) added to the wildcards, another simulated tournament ensues - leaving the top eight to join the four regional champs in the Div.1 competition, while the remaining ten compete for Div.2 honors."



Hope that helps - hope to see you in Zachary for the Nationals. More info can be found at http://ncwsa.skibennetts.com, from where you can also catch the live webcast when the event gets up-and-running.



Tony Lightfoot

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