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NCWSA Eastern Regionals


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A big thanks to the guys over at Alabama for putting on a great event!


Team Overall- Top 5 are headed to Nationals

1 Florida Southern

2 Alabama

3 Rollins

4 Clemson

5 UNC Chapel Hill

Wild Card Tournament

6 Auburn

7 Kennesaw

8 Presbyterian College


Mens Slalom

1. KC Wilson FSC 1.5@10.75m

2. Thibaut Dalliand FSC .5@10.75m

3. Luke Lockwood FSC 2@11.25m

4. Baller Paul O'Hara ALA 1@11.25m

5. Daniel Carter ROL 4.5@12m

14. Baller Matt Page KNS 2.5@13m


Womans Slalom

1. Caroline Hensley ALA .5@10.75m

2. Manon Costard FSC 5@11.25m

3. Delfi Cuglievan ROL 1.5@11.25m

3. Lauren Morgan FSC 1.5@11.25m


Mens Jump

1. Thibaut Dailland FSC 47.4m

2. Drew Phillips 46.2m

3. John Lex Kenerly ALA 44.5m

4. Haywood Mcdonald ALA 43m


Womans Jump

1. Lauren Morgan FSC 43.9m

2. Caroline Hensley ALA 41.9m

3. Manon Costard FSC 40.7m

4. Delfi Cuglievan ROL 33.1m


Mens Trick

1. Thiaut Dailland FSC 5860pts

2. Adam Reed ALA 4700pts

3. Haywood McDonald ALA 2920

4. Kyle Zimmerman FSC 2310pts


Womans Trick

1. Caroline Hensley ALA 3830pts

2. Michale Briant ROL 3700pts

3. Alison Lindy FSC 2890pts

4. Lauren Morgan FSC 2330pts

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