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I posted a week ago that I have had my second hip replaced 2 weeks ago. All is well and looking toward next spring.

After reading many post I want to throw this out there for some advise. I ski double boots with Strada. I had one fall last summer where

only one foot came out and really twisted up my ankle. My biggest concern is one foot in and one out with 2 new hips. While I understand this is of

concern for all of us even, it's even more important with my situation to avoid dislocations. I am looking at the Goode system. My question is

should I keep my boots and just snug them tight with the Goode plate or go with the hard shell. I am leaning toward the hard shell because I know I won't come out of them. Will it be a big transition from what I have to the hard shell? I don't mind taking steps backwards.

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Currently no boot is really designed to release in a rotational fall. I injured my ankle pretty bad many years ago and went to double boots that wouldn't release because of it. When I started getting injured due to not releasing I decided that both of my feet needed to be locked together in a releasable system.


Hard shells will be a bit of a learning curve and you will go backwards for a little while but then you'll be right back to where you were or better after a handful of sets. I dont' know what your boots are but hard shell or not, if you use the Goode plate, I think you'd at least want some kind of boot that won't release to ensure the interlok tape does it's job. If not, you may come out of the boot before the tape releases making the whole Goode plate useless.


Binding systems I know of that release both boots together are the Goode system, Connelly Stealth, and the HO EXO.

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