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Anyone renting or knows of a good waterfront rental house Miami Area, X-Mas holidays?


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Hi everyone!


So my family and I are contemplating going to Miami for our X-mas break this year (France is nice, and snow is cool and everything, but some sun might not hurt!!).


Thought we could maybe rent a nice big waterfront house so i've started checking Airbnb and other sites, but it made me think maybe, just maybe, someone here knows of good deals?


Here is the deal:


8 adults, 1 baby, 1 teenager.

Would need 4-5 bedrooms at least

Pretty view (lake, ocean, something.) appreciated

Waterfront or "water-very-very-close" is a must have

Optional access to ski facilities greatly appreciated (6 out of 8 adults are slalom skiers)

We're not in town to party and cause any trouble, ages ranking from 25-65, good'old family vacations.

We are Respectful decent people, will commit to not deteriorating / breaking anything.

Budget : no more than 1,000 USD / night.

Dates: December 22nd - january 4th or 5th (approximately)


I'm well aware that this forum is not about real estate or anything but just in case I thought I might ask.


We are looking in Miami but are open to WPBeach in case a grat deal shows up there? Or any place with sun, water access, ski facilities close-by?


Anyway, just in case, if you know of anything or hear about anything, please let me know!


Thanks for your kind help,





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