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My Son has a HO NOS, 2009 or maybe 2010. A Black thing.


He's just started running 36 on it & wants to know what the fin settings

should be. It's got a silver Syndicate fin in a block similar to recent S2's.


Anyone know what stock fin & wing settings should be? @horton maybe?


Any other information would also be of interest to him.





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@Wayne it's a 65" & he's 50kg (110lb) and about to turn 16.

His mother bought him this a few years back when he was under 30kg

& still on a Revolt. Kept him on that for the past 2 seasons.


So far this summer he's been to a 5 day camp & had 3 Sundays out.

Has ran plenty of strong 34's & a hand full of 36's.


Just want to know the skis in a good starting position.






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  • Baller

The spread sheet I have was sent to me by HO in the winter of 2009. It shows the same numbers for the Monza, Nitro and System 8. I thought the Nitro ended up getting renamed to NOS. Here are the numbers from the chart for 65".


Length 6.836

Depth 2.520

DFT 0.720

Front boot heal measurement 28.5 - 28.25

Rear boot heal measurement 16

Wing angle was 9 degrees with the screws on top.

All measurements are in inches.


I know I used the 69.5" numbers when I initially set up my System 8 and they were pretty good for starting out. With binding placement I would not use the above as absolute. Start with the middle hole for the front and get the rear as close as possible. I might also keep the wing off for starting too but that is user preferance.

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