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For those that care about jump

Mens Jump SF

Dodd 59.2

Freddy 59.2

Damien 58.3

Felipe 58.3

Kole 57.3

Scot 57.2


Rodrigo 56.2

Joel 54.7

Igor 53.8

Adam 47.7


Womens Jump SF

Jacinta 47.3

Marion 47.1

Lauren 46.1

Regina 45.6


Marie 44.0

Alex 43.1

Nancy 40.8

Endhar 31.0

Manon 30.5

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@Chuck_Dickey it is hard to tell what any factory skier is on. Dave Goode did tell me that T-Gas had tried and liked the N1. That was weeks ago so who knows what he is ridding now. The R&D never ends...

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Drop a dime in the can


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This was the article I read. It was part of the Goode News Letter and is listed on the Goode/blog site.


T-Gas jumps on the NANO ONE


Thomas is becoming especially familiar with the NANO ONE - the ski that debuted this year to world records, big tournament victories and lots of acclaim - having recently switched to it from his specially designed signature edition.


“I’ve been on the same ski for the last three years and I won worlds on it so it’s been a great ski for me,” said Thomas of his mid/traditional-width hybrid. “But everyone has really liked the NANO ONE so I thought I’d try it.


“On my offside it feels as good as my old ski, but on my onside it feels a lot better. With this ski I have great turns on both sides. I never thought it could be that good, but it’s quick and it turns unbelievably well on both sides.”


Within just a few days of getting on the NANO ONE, Thomas ran 41 off in practice, a feat he has done only once before. In his first tournament - and only second set - on the ski he ran into 41 off both rounds.

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