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Ski progression for new(er) baller


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After my first full season behind an actual ski boat, I'm getting close to running 30/-15, but not quite there yet. I'd like to get the "next level" ski as I plan to ski the course more and more. I'm on a 71" HO Triumph right now, which rides nice in the water but turns like a school bus.


I'm about to pull the trigger on a Radar Senate C 69". I've read that it compares pretty closely to the HO Coefficient X, which was my next planned ski.


Am I making too big of a jump here? Not enough? Thanks for any insights!

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i just sold my 69 senate that i used to go from hardly getting getting through the course at 28mph up to pbs of 4@34mph in a tournament and my last practice of the season 6@34 twice i a row. found it hard to turn for a start getting off an old 66" icon and learning to drop a hand at the same time. used it for nearly two seasons first season hardly in the course at all then a big learning curve the second season in the course. Got a 68 quest and vapor to try out when i get back into this season. i wouldn't hesitate to get a senate or senate c.
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  • Baller

I ski a Radar Theory 67" and a 67" Senate.

This, my third season I made first full 28 and recently full 30 and 3 @32.

I ski better on the Theory. I thing I progress faster on a less advanced ski.



Meet a guy that refused to leave his Theory even skiing 36 @22 off.

I plan to fully change when i am consistent on 32.


Best luck


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