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I have had a MODETEC SKIN MONO & IMPACT SHORTY in the closet for months. The only time I have gotten to wear the Modetec was in Calgary last month. It is warn in California so I ski in the Impact vest and shorts most of the time. Today it was finally cool enough to think about a wet suit. All I can say is that I did not notice I was wearing anything. I skied great and the slight chill in the air was unnoticeable. As it gets colder I will be wearing this suit a lot more. I also took at trick ride in the Impact Shorty. I was a little worried that it would be cumbersome but not at all. It is super comfortable and it is nice to have a little flotation when you fall as much as I do. The padding is also a good idea when you fall as hard as I do. http://www.camaro.at/en/wasserski/index.php3b93081c158f0436544b9c5b2ea8a9.jpg





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@ Horton Hi John! Good to see you at the ProAm, one of these days you will have to get by the "ranch"! I think you look good in that suit, but I'm bias I really like the suit LOL! :)

I have a "season changing" offer for the Ballers that go to my store, in addition to "Free Shipping" those typing in the Promo Code "Baller" will get an additional discount on selected Camaro gear, for just being Ballers! Hope that helps!

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