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Don't forget to tune into Swiss Pro Tricks this Sunday


Horton Horton

I think I broke every equipment change rule all at once...


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After being without a slalom ski (due to ski beginning to delaminate and being unskiable) for 8 weeks, I jumped on a '14 A3 this past weekend. Here's where the rule breaking begins:


1) I came off a 69" Radar Vice to a 68" A3;

2) I came off double Strada boots and onto Reflex front and R-style rear (which I have never even ridden before);

3) I personally rigged, using my calibrated eyeball and without measuring, the entire binding system onto my old Sequence plate since my G10 plate hasn't come in yet. Rigged, as in a corded drill, bench vise, and a screwdriver being the extent of all tools used.


For anyone wondering, I set the ski up as follows (I'm 6'1" 215lb):

2014 HO A3 Fin Settings

DFT: 0.740

Length: 6.847

Depth: 2.500

Wing: 9

Front boot: 30"


@MattP really wanted my first ride on all of this to be during the tournament this past Saturday, but my better judgement told me to take a few passes of free skiing to feel out the ski after the tournament - in case there were any adjustments that were needed before jumping right into the course. Good thing I did that since I found that my front boot (rff) was about 3 degrees left of straight...that ski really wanted to go left ALL the time. I adjusted the boot and then took a normal set in the course Sunday afternoon after jump had concluded. After the first pass, I was fairly comfortable on the ski and finished the set only a pass behind my avg practice set where I left off back in the summer.


All that said, my first experience on a Reflex was not the horror story I was expecting, the new A3 will get more angle than your are initially prepared for, and after riding a new ski and binding setup all at once, I was fairly pleased when I left the lake yesterday...Now I need to get back into slalom shape because I am SORE today.

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  • Baller

I did laugh at @Chris_Logan when he told me it was his first set on new hard shells and a new ski in the pouring rain. I do have some first pass video from the boat but I will refrain from posting it yet...

You are sore from that jlalom set on Saturday.

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