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Horton Said "wish there was an easy way to get traditional bindings in just the right place"

Stevie Boy

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I have a method for getting the binding any where you want, it involves "POLYMORPH" a white nylon type plastic which melts in water at boiling point, it comes in a bag of little white balls, you melt the quantity that you want, with the binding plate on a flat surface you push the melted nylon into the slot of the binding plate and press the surplus flat, across the top of the plate and then trim when it has gone cold, what you end up with, is like a plastic washer with a raised bit which fits into the slot on the binding plated, drill the hole in the desired place the raised bit which goes into the binding plate slot prevents the plate moving, make lots of washers and drill then 1/16" difference to give you lots of choices.

PLEASE NOTE : you will have to elongate the binding plate holes you normally use to place screws in those positions.

Will try to post piccys of the said washers

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