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Custom Synthetic Leather Bruce's Noose Eliminators Are Now Available


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and anyone else wanting a Bruce's Noose Eliminator shoot me an e-mail to bruce@kohensports.com and let me know what colors you like and type of noose you are using so I can get the process started for you. We crunched number last night to get a price to your door in the USA. $42.00. Includes shipping with bungee and zip ties. I will ship international also. International shipping will depend on which shipping service you choose.


For more pictures and info go to this link ballofspray.com/forum#/discussion/9349/custom-synthetic-leather-noose-eliminator/p1

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@Waternut scanned images loose size in faxing/e-mail. If you can put tension on the rope and trace inside the handle and mail it to me that is all I need.



Bruce Kohen

27541 Happy Terrace

Rocky Mount, MO 65072

Phone: (573)-392-7432


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