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Don't forget to tune into Swiss Pro Tricks this Sunday


Horton Horton

2013 Prophecy


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I backed over my '13 with my truck, after getting hassled by the water cops on a 52 degree day with 49 degree water. They were on jetskis in dry suits. Not another boat on the water. Very few left at docks unwinterized. WTF. I LOVED that ski. The guys at the factory searched thru their entire inventory and found me a '14 with identical rocker and flex. Awesome customer service. But, the funky candy red color is harshing my mello..
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@bbruzzese Thanks for the ski it looks brand new

@mattp thanks I'll let you know, I hope we can ski soon.

@horton first ride on the ski felt like how you look in the -35 video. hopped on, 15mph winds, 28, 28, 32, 32. Wide, Early, and an amazing feeling of precision and fluidity. Like riding on a rail and seems to come around the buoy so fast and smooooth. Can't wait for the next ride...

@davemac , my first impression - buy one.


Skied it real close to @dirt 's #'s for the opening ride.



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