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Australian Open


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It's all on the home page but...

All the women will advance to the finals and the top 8 men (top 8 scores from either round) will advance to the finals.


Open Women Slalom

Emma Sheers 4.5@38

Geena Krueger 3@38

Bailey Austin 1@38

Robyn Viljoen 1.5@28


Open Men Slalom

IThomas Degasperi 3@41

Brian Detrick 2@41

Joel Howley 1.5@41

Will Asher 5@39

Carlo Allais 4@39

Adam Sedlmajer 2.5@39

Brooks Wilson 5@38

Corey Vaughn 4.5@38

Nick Adams 3.5@38

Joel Wing 3.5@38

Eamon Van Der Merwe 3@38

Austin Abel 2.5@38

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