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Level meaning in AWSA rankings


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@ral level 8 is meant to be the "top level" in any age division. If you're a level 8 skier you are qualified to ski in the US Nationals (presuming your a US citizen). Level 7 (and below) go down in roughly 10% intervals. So the bottom level 7 skier is usually at the 80th percentile of the age group.


Level 9 is a bit different. Level 9 consists of the top skiers eligible at any single condition. So all 36mph skiers are grouped (B3, M1, M2) and the top % of that POOL of skiers are considered level 9. They are then lie listed as level 9 in their age group. Same for 34mph, jump heights, etc.


If you go to the AWSA ranking list and click on the FAQ it gives a pretty thorough explanation.


The ranking list percentiles are adjusted occasionally to make sure a minimum number if skiers are eligible for the US Nationals.

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