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Ski Sizing

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As a team we currently own one pair of jumpers that are getting older than most people would dare use/becoming unsafe with peeling/separation at the sides. We are looking into used skis but we wanted to ask people with more experience than ourselves what size would be appropriate? At the collegiate level in the Midwest many people take there first look at a ramp Sunday morning at a tournament, people on team across the region are handed a grimy helmet, a tattered jump suit, and a pair of skis and told to ride over what appears to be a big scary red wall. To most of our surprise most people actually give it the old college try and hit the ramp, this is why the 1st round of men's and women's jump is often called Men's/Women's Crash. This is the bottom of the skill range we work with while at the top our team has seen skiers who debuted in Men's/Women's Crash improve to approaching 80 feet. We are looking for length of ski that will allow our veteran members to reach there full potential while also allowing beginners to be able to have some level of control over the skis. We think this means something in the 82-86" range but are unsure and would rather ask then buy than spend several hundred dollars to discover that we bought something that isn't right.
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  • Baller_

The problem the beginners are most likely to have is controlling the skis and the bigger they are the harder they will be to control. I would look for something in the 76-80" range. Those will be plenty big for your intermediate level jumpers until they get to where they need their own equipment.


I jumped for the first time in a collegiate tournament on 72" skis.....those were the days!

If it was easy, they would call it Wakeboarding

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  • Baller
What Bruce said. It won't be long before someone will tell you that you have to be on 90's. First time ride over and up to 60 feet can easily be done on 78 inch skis. Most of the first time ride over at college tournaments are still judgment impaired from Saturday night. Again listen to Bruce. He is a smart man.
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