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I have talked with Brenda at In Tow about the Big Dawg Series and the skiers. She is very excited to show the Big Dawg Skiers some love. She is going to follow suit with the Eagle Sports Big Dawg Bounty. In Tow will pay $100 for 1st. $75 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd place finishes at the Big Dawg Tour stops if you ski with an In Tow handle. She is willing to offer discounts on ropes and handles to Big Dawg Skiers as well. You must call Brenda at. 575 527 2917 to get details on discounts. As with the industry first Big Dawg Bounty from Eagle Sports, In Tow also recognizes that the Big Dawg Skiers spend a lot of money in the sport and both of these companies are willing to put a little back in your pocket . The In Tow online store is not yet up on the web site. So you need to contact Brenda directly for these discounts.
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