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Which water ski?


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Hi I'm a intermediate to advanced skier starting slalom courses and looking to buy my first slalom ski after using a combo ski. I'v been looking at the O'brein Siege and the Connelly Concept but they are both quite expensive new. Dose anyone know of any second hand dealers or other cheaper skis that you think might be a option?


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  • Baller

I would recommend testing a bunch of skies. It is very hard to straight recommend a ski to someone. Everyone skies differently.


What I can say is I did not like the Connelly Concept for a course ski. That was my first ski after running on combos. Yes, it was way better than a combo ski, but not a really good slalom course ski. If you are going to start to focus your efforts on the slalom course I would not get the Concept.


If you are looking for second hand use ski-it-again.com

You can get some great skis there for cheap; and much higher end skies to boot.

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  • Baller_


If you are coming off combo's and "starting the course", I highly, highly....did i say highly recommend Radar P6. There simply is not an easer ski to learn the course and new they are dirt cheap. Used would be a bargain to say the least. You can drop the boat speed way way down and really hone in on technique vs chasing buoys. P6 will shorten your leaning curve a great deal. Then upgrade to Senate or all the way to a higher end ski. P6 can easily be run up to 30mph.


Your hight and weight are important in the move to a "performance slalom" like a P6. If you add that in a post, you will get some advice on size of ski to choose and that can make a profound difference.

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