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PP Slalom/Jump switch, brand new


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Brand new Perfect Pass slalom/jump switch with shock tube assembly.


Unearthed this when (sadly) putting stuff away for the winter. Never used, so perfect condition. Figured I'd see if anyone here wanted it before posting on Ski-It-Again or other sites. Not real sure of a fair price, see it online for $250-$400+. If anyone has a good idea of it's value I'd appreciate the feedback.

If a new installation, you will need the cable to connect to PP box, available from PP for about $12 plus shipping. Or for ZO, cable available from ZO for $13.

Any interest, email or PM me.

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From the PP site. This was before ZO. Jumpers may still use it with ZO.


The " Slalom Switch"


The "Slalom Switch" is a very simple device that connects to the pylon of the boat. When the skier pulls the switch closes which tells the system that the skier is in the pull and additional throttle is applied. Throttle is reduced when the skier completes the pull and begins the turn. (The Slalom Switch" is the same switch that has been used in the Jump mode for years, except it requires a different rope arrangement for quick shortening.)

What is the advantage ? - About six years ago, we started working with several top athletes including on a switch device that could provide a superior pull. It was obvious early on that the switch device was a significant improvement because it allows the speed control to apply more throttle in the pull and releases the skier earlier. The consensus is a pull that feels slower, easier and allows the skier to get wider.

How does it connect ? - Simply take our standard switch (many PerfectPass users already own one for jumping) and feed our new rope attachment through it. Two ends slip over the pylon while the end with the carabiner connects to the ski rope. Line shortening is very fast and easy as the loop simply snaps into the carabiner

What about the ski rope length ? - The rope arrangement on the switch measures 1/2 meter, which means that when the switch is used, your ski rope is 1/2 meter too long. The solution is easy, just remove a 1/2 meter section (either the 43 off or the 45 off from your rope.) Most of us will never use these lengths!! PerfectPass "switch ready" custom ropes are available from Masterline and Strightline Custom ropes.

Do I need the Switch ? - You do not need to buy a switch if you are satisfied with the current world record software. While most tournaments will be running the switch, the skier will have the option of having the PX set to 0, or in the "Off Mode."The benefit of the switch is generally for advanced short line skiers, running 22 off and beyond.


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