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Don't forget to tune into Swiss Pro Tricks this Sunday


Horton Horton

Selling my 67" Superlite X


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  • Baller_
I will attest to that being a good ski. I loved the CoX I tried..again and again and again. Ran 38 with it. Many times. Been tempted to buy on cheap just for fun but putting that money aside for much needed boat motor parts. Someone should buy this ski. You won't be disappointed.
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  • Baller
Lemme think. Started with an S2, Then to Razor 2 A Flex. Sold that and the S2 to get a Nano1. Nano didn't work for me, so I traded @Chef23 for his Mid Ride. Got the summer stagnation, so I bought one of those Conquers off of Ski-It-Again. LOVED THAT SKI. Shelved it later in the year in favor of the Superlite, but alas, the Obrien Conquer works best for me!
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