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Canyon Lake water supply


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A West Coast Canadian here looking for a warmer winter get away spot. I have heard through the media that So.Cal has been getting below normal precipitation and snow pack levels for some time now. Currently have my eye on Canyon Lake...but am concerned about lake water levels. Anyone in the area to shed some light on this?

We have had enough rain here over the last few weeks to fill lakes. I wish it was easier to share some of it with my neighbors to the south.


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Depends on who you know and how far south you need to go to find the warmth you're looking for.


Bakersfield has 13 lakes sitting side by side


Newberry Springs has 8 in a 5 mile radius, I'm at Cheyenne Lake.


Palm Springs has 2 or 3


Canyon Lake is not going to be out of water


Mission Bay ski club is in the bay/ocean in San Diego


Imperial Lakes near El Centro is the farthest south has 2 lakes.


I'm sure you can buy rides or even buy a lake house and use it for your winter get away. My lake house at Cheyenne may be for sale if the price is right. $395k

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@Dacon62‌, the deal with Canyon Lake is that a 695 sq. Mile watershed feeds the lake. Typically if the mountains get 1 inch of rain Canyon Lake will get a foot of water. If that doesn't work, there are three other lakes up stream to get water from. Presently, Canyon Lake has about a million dollars setting in reserves to purchase water should we get below a certain level. What makes Canyon Lake so great is that the water will never get below a certain level. That is written into the covenants. Once we get close to that level we buy water to fill it back up. Normally, we dodge that bullet, but sometimes we have to purchase water. Canyon Lake is an awesome place to live! There's a lot of stuff to do around there beside water ski and the prices are pretty reasonable right now too! feel free to contact me if you have any other questions.


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