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MC skis


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I got my hands on one a while back, unfortunately I wasn't able to try it as my binders are a bit of a fidget.

The finish on it was flawless! Speaking to a pall of mine who's a top level skier he rates it highly.


However I wondered if any "normal" (32 up to 38 off) skiers have had a go on it and if so what are its characteristics?,

sits high/Low in the water? is it considered a fast/slow ski? etc etc.

Im currently on a Quattro which I adore, however I'm looking to change this year.

I seem to get on with the Mid (ish) ride, the MC does look wider than the normal.


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@Horton‌ , Jodie brought one over this summer, it looked and felt phenomenal! the finish was epically flawless, no carbon bobbles or twists, edges were flush like the RTM (orange, blue, yellow) fishers. I know a skier thats Boris made a ski up for (extra carbon/stiff) and again the finish was epic! that and he skied a equal PB within the first week something into 43. Its the only other ski I will look at. I like a ski thats fast, by fast I mean less effort behind the boat, I really hope the MC is like this... (??) generally I find these skis sit higher on the water - correct me if I'm wrong?
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