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Good overall "boat ski" for visitor slalom skiers


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I just got my boat this year. I found a new 2014, blem O'Brien synchro with XXL bindings for a really good price for me. My foot size 13DD. So, not many non-mutants can ride it. I also have a pair of HO ski's for those who just want to double ski or are learning on slalom. They have the Velcro type bindings. I'd like to have a decent ski in the boat for those that slalom and want to ski. These are generally fellow boaters who have something like Baja's or Scarab type boats. I've found a Radar theory with "regular" sized front binding and RTP for $299. I'm thinking this is a pretty good deal Heck, If I like it I can switch my bindings to the theory and let the visitors ski on the synchro. Any thoughts? I'm also considering buying an older slalom (Jobe honeycomb/Connelly concept) but dang, with the price of quality older skis and the advancements that I'm hearing about, the Theory seems like a pretty good deal. Bring on the recommendations. I'd like to spend less than $300 and preferably closer to $150, lol, since it will be a "visitors" ski for the most part.
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