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Soft knees - clarification ?


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I hear lots of people giving advice to skiers to soften their knees through the transition and in some cases, lift the knees. TW is often used as an example of this.

Is this really what is happening ?

I would have thought that having resisted at the point of maximum load (somewhere between the bouy and 1st wake for arguments sake) that it's actually better to keep as much resistance in the legs (and knees) as possible UNTIL the "x" (schnitz definition) point where the ski transitions under the handle. If you soften before this point the transition and edge change will be slower, as the "energy" of the edge change has been softened as well.

If there is any "knee lift" going on it should probably be off the second wake only?

I see a number of skiers softening on purpose into the first wake and not really completing the edge change until half way to the next bouy, which pulls them up narrow and fast.

Any of you guys able to clarify this?


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