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Monterrey Mexico


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Are there any Ballers in or around Monterrey Mexico? My ski partner is going there on business this week and would love to scratch the ski itch if possible (winter came with a vengeance in Upstate NY!)


He is a great guy and would of course compensate for a tug with at least the 2 basic fluids required for a successful ski: gas and beer


On the flip side if any Baller finds themselves in the Rochester NY area between may 1st and Oct 31st and needs a tug, please look us up!


Thank you!

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@Alberto Soares, I am moving down to Monterrey in January for a year for business! Any chance that contact of yours is still down there? I would love to be able to have the opportunity to do something "comfortable and relate-able" while being in this new culture & location. Definitely know how to compensate boat hours and liquids!


Que tenga una buena noche! Gracias. -Drew

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