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Going to Florida for the first time!


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  • Baller

I'm in Pennsylvania, and I've been hardly anywhere in my life. In fact, I've never gone further South than North Carolina. I finally have the opportunity to visit my sister in Florida Dec 20-28th. I will be driving to the North Port/Sarasota area. This is not a "Ski Trip" per se, but I'd be an idiot not to get a couple sets in.


Does anybody have a suggestion? Where should I go to get a Run?

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@brooks‌ @Swini‌ @drew‌ @philip hughes‌ &

Travers Ski School are all friends of BallOfSpray who get you a ski ride and some coaching.


if you're looking for pure entertainment look up @rico‌. he will show you how to get 5 but not 6 at any pass


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